The Map TO Allagia

About the book

The Map to Allagia is a fiction novel as it is based on events that are entirely made up. The author used a combination of narrative and expository in his writing style. As he told a story but also went on to describe events within the narrative

The story is centrally focused in another realm, the realm acts as a gateway between earth and hell, in this realm you will find demons and other monsters that are trying to get to earth but the realm is protected by the city of Allagia. Hence evil forces intent on destroying Allagia to escape the realm and raid earth, however that's easier said than done as the city can only be located with its map and is invisible unless the map is in its vicinity.


mahomed zahir

About the author

Mahomed Zahir was born and raised in Durban, South Africa. Since a young age he was always interested in writing but unfortunately due to his background was never given the opportunity to pursue his dream. He paused his dream and went to work and study at the same time ascertaining his honours degree in economics from the University of KwaZulu Natal, he is currently studying his masters in economics.

After many hard fought years and over coming obstacles he finally managed to fulfil a live long dream of his by publishing the first book to his series known as Allagia.

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