The Map To Allagia - Physical Copy

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The Map to Allagia 


Zai was an average high school boy, struggling to pass his classes and socially awkward. He lived a mundane life with his Uncle Bobby until it all changed when he touched an ancient parchment that he had found in his uncle’s room. The parchment was a map to an ancient land that held riches weaponry and magical powers: The land of Alagia. When touched by Zai, the map activated itself and sent out a beacon to all forces, good and evil, that sought it out... for Allagia could not be found and would only be visible in the presence of its map.
This adventure pulls an average boy out of his comfort zone and throws him into a world filled with demons, witches, and creatures of the night as he and his newly-formed companions seek to carry the map to a safe land and in so doing protect Allagia, keeping all of the evil trapped in that realm and thus keeping the earth safe.


Chapter Overview

  • Chapter 1 - 12 years later
  • Chapter 2 - It's a scary new world
  • Chapter 3 - Infection
  • Chapter 4 - The kids are Alright
  • Chapter 5 - Zarita
  • Chapter 6 - The book of Elken
  • Chapter 7 - The Beginning
  • Chapter 8 - This stories gonna hurt
  • Chapter 9 - The Journey to Blue Crown Town
  • Chapter 10 - The Other Half

" I did not expect to enjoy this book so much as it isn’t my usual genre. I did read The Witcher series of books so was curious about the comparison" - Thandile, 2021